torsdag den 15. august 2019

Artist Residency Swap

Swap my studeo and apartment - or rent it:

I swap my apartment and my studio with other artists who can give me the opportunity to experience their place with the same opportunities. If the artist wants to exhibit in the gallery during his stay in Copenhagen, only the Gallery costs money. Read about it below:

Rent my gallery:

Summer months: May 1 to September 30: Changing exhibitions of one month with each artist in the Gallery. For 50 m2 of exhibition space it costs € 201 for one week. € 670 for one month. Renovation and other daily necessities & expenses are the responsibility of the tenant. The landlord provides local press coverage if possible and the invitation spread through the web and this blog.

The gallery is received clean and returned clean. Stitching is not allowed. The exhibitor fits the exhibition himself and determines the opening hours. Normal opening hours are: Tue-Fri 12-16. Sat-Sundays 10-16. There is a kitchenette and toilet. If you want to exhibit then contact me here:

You can also rent all 3 things - apartment, studio and gallery - for one month without a swap in return for a total of €1,743.

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